Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home Teachers

We had our "new" Home Teachers over last night, and we had a great time.  Good lesson and lots of laughs too.  The funny thing is we got Keagyn to say a lot of words with r's in them... you know park the car, Noah's ark, etc.  Some of you may wonder why, well she has a Boston accent.  It is so cute and hilarious!!!  I will see about video taping it and putting it on the site.  

Random Pictures of Aury

These are just funny....

4th of July Parade

Once again, I am late at posting, but hey better late than never I always we are the parade in Groton.  The funniest thing happened as the parade was starting.  The color guard for the police were walking down the road when we all heard screaming.  They dropped the flags, or handed them off to others and ran to arrest someone.  Very memorable, sorry no pictures of the felon, just my cute family.

The last picture is the "float" our ward did.  The theme was Home Town Heros, so we thought that the two Eagle Scouts, and wanna be Eagle Scout would be great.  The missionaries were also there passing out pass a long cards and other flyers.  

Keagyn the Flower Girl

The bride was my first counselor in the YW's Presidency, and Keagyn took it upon herself to help he around with her dress, she was in heaven.

I got to do the flowers, good to know I haven't lost the touch.

Drool Monster

Aury is the biggest drooler, look closely at her clothes (as seen in the following)....

Also, Daddy loves to "dress her up" and make her the fashion queen or victim, take your pick.

Catching zzzz's

Here is the Keagster napping.  Yes I let her sleep in her bed, but she fell asleep in the car ride home, and then she was playing in the stroller and simply fell asleep.  

Kindergarten Program...Late

Okay, here are some pictures of Brynn's end of year program.  They all did such a great job, they sang so many cute songs, and the teacher's even had it choreographed!!!  Talk about dedication and patience.   Oh yeah, it was so hot in the gym, the schools here don't have AC and this was during our first 90/90 days, which means temp in the 90's and humidity in the 90's too, way to much fun!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our New Nephew and Cousin

Jonas Lee Ure arrived on Sunday July 27th and 5:00am.  Congratulations Uncle Devin and Aunt Nikki!!!  We love you all and can't wait to meet the little guy!!