Saturday, April 25, 2009

3-D School Project

Just wanted to share what my amazing husband is learning and doing in school....
Destry had to design this cube thing on paper, and then create it in 3-d, and had to make it into useable, living space.  The model, as you can see, lifts apart so that the roof comes off, then the second floor comes out so you can see the first floor.  Pretty neat I say...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's been a while!!!

Brynn's got quite the arm on her. 
Baseball our new found love and passion. 

Easter Dresses

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything.  I will give you a quick update now that you have been showered with pictures.  Last month we went to Boston to spend time with Destry's brother and his family.  It was so much fun, (except for the air mattress, couldn't hold air straight out of the box, thanks Wal-Mart) to spend time with Devin, Nicole and Jonas.  Thanks so much for your willingness to have 5 more people crash your 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of downtown Boston!!!  Sweet memories that shall live forever.  We were able to walk some of the Freedom Trail, go to the Boston Common Park, Boston Children's Museum (the best place ever!!!) and Mike's Pastry Shop, oh glorious pastries!!!!  

We then had Easter, which was a great relaxing Sunday filled with yummy food and great family.  Other than that, we have been crazy busy with Destry at school (18 credits this quarter) and he has a 3.81 GPA and currently has straight A's in all his classes.  He is doing so well and LOVES all of his classes and can't wait to be a fully licensed Architect, which will be in about 5-7 years....wish it was sooner, but at least he knows now what he wants to be when he grows up.  

I am still working at a Dermatology office, but have now been put in charge of helping their marketing and relationships between our office and the referring doctors offices.  I am excited about this new challenge.

Brynn is doing well, no new episodes as of yet.  We have her appointment set for May 14th with the Genetics and Cardiology Clinic at Yale.  I wish time would go a lot faster for this.  I so want to know why her little heart did funky things, and if they will ever happen again.

Keagyn is as wonderful as ever.  She can now write her name!!!  I love watching her grow and mature it is beautiful and breathtaking.  

Auryana is trying her best to communicate with us using her own language.  However, the other day I came home from work and she came around the corner and said, "Momma, momma, momma."  Sweet music to my ears, but hasn't said it again.  She is the goofiest thing ever and we enjoy her tremendously.

There you have it!!!  Now time to go to bed!