Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on the Brynnster

Brynn came home from the Yale late Friday night and is doing well.  As a matter of fact you would never know that anything even was wrong with the peanut.  For those of you who haven't heard, Brynn had four episodes that including passing out, unconciousness and vomiting while trying to come out of it, last Tuesday.  Two of the episodes happened at Twalla's house, one in the ambulance ride and the last in the ER at L&M hospital.  The last two were caught while she was on a heart monitor.  Which was good, because they caught some arryhthmias (?) One was a AV Block, quite normal, not too much concern and the other was a Mobitz type II AV Block, which can lead to full cardiac arrest.  Just what every mother wants to hear right?  Well, the decision was made to send her to Yale.  She spent 2 days in the ICU there being monitored around the clock, having EKG's, ECG's, CT's, ultrasounds, blood work, etc.  All the tests  came back normal.  Which is good, but didn't provide any answers as to why her little heart had this problem.  She has had perfect sinus rhythm ever since too.  So they sent her blood work off to Texas for Genetic testing.  There is a syndrome called Heart-Hand syndrome.  Pretty much what they are seeing is if there is a connection between her nubbie and her syncope episodes that she had.  We found out that with this syndrome the same proteins that build the upper extremities also build the heart and when there are abnormalities with the upper extremities there can be associated heart issues.  If she does have this, then her heart will continue to deteriorate over time, and the option is a pacemaker.   While we are not thrilled with this news, it would be nice to know why her heart "stopped" working for a few seconds, instead of chalking it up to a "freak" incident, that may or may not happen again.  Oh, and did I mention that the genetic testing takes up to 2 months for the results!!!  Happy waiting game........well that was a lot of information to unload, but it does feel good to have that off my chest.  Please keep Brynn in your thoughts and prayers over the next few months.  We will keep you updated on her status.  

And to all of you have already had Brynn in your thoughts and prayers, thank you oh so much.  We have felt the strength and it has been great!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Auryana turns 1!!!

Happy Birthday to Aury! Happy Birthday to you!

I can't believe how time flies, and that the little munchkin has turned 1!  But she is adorable, and spunky.  She has been walking now for a little over month, her favorite word is wowwww.  She can pull the funniest faces including a really good stink eye for no apparent reason whatsoever.  She is easy going and very patient, which is good considering what her big sisters put her through sometimes.  She is a daddy's girl I would say, but I think that Destry would say she is a momma's girl, but none the less she is a keeper for our family.  We are so glad that she is here to bring us such joy and love in our home.

Was going to post pictures with this, but they won't load....big time bummer :(