Sunday, August 2, 2009

A really long time...SORRY!

For all of you who have wondered if we have dropped off the face of the earth, a resounding no!  But I do find it difficult to make myself sit down and post and besides it's not like you all want to know about my days at work.  The girls have spent their summer with Twalla, reading, jumping, practicing their listening skills (not really, but we try), playing NCIS with sandwich bags, medicine droppers and dirt.  Destry and I went to Boston for a work conference for me, that was fun.  Destry checked out the BAC, where he may attend for his Masters in Architecture.  Yesterday we went to Buttonwood Farms to see the sunflowers.  It was great fun!  We took a hayride through the farm.  We saw cows, chickens and pigs, and fields of beautiful sunflowers.  So far that is the extent of our summer.  Pretty boring, but....that's what happens when we have school to pay for.  And honestly we wouldn't have it any other way right now.  We have truly felt the Lord's hand in our lives these past months, and we are forever grateful for his love.  Enjoy the pictures!!!


Nelson Nitwits said...

It's fun to see you're doing well and enjoying your family. Enjoy the last bit of summer! School starts for us Monday.

Sonia said...

Loni- I do check your blog regularly so I was glad to see some pictures of the girls- beautiful as ever! We miss you guys! We still have another week of no school, we go back on the 8th!