Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a long while....

In front of the Capitol Building
Fun dinosaur bones @ the Smithsonian
Oreo, the newest member of our family
At the Smithsonian
Jonas and Auryana at the Children's Gardens in Maryland
Destry and Brynn at the Children's Garden in Maryland
1st Day of School

okay, we are still alive for anyone who may be wondering...and we have been having fun. Here's what we have been up to... we have a new dog, her name is Oreo, she is a Border Collie. She is fantastic and is still a puppy, but we love her anyway. Over Labor Day we went and visited Uncle Devin, Aunt Nicole and Jonas, it was a terrific trip. Destry has taken up a new hobby of rock climbing, it occupies all of his spare time :) which isn't much. There is a lot of other things we have done, but since it has been so long I don't remember. Brynn is looking forward to turning 8 on October 8th, 2010 and being Baptized on 10/10/10 (pretty cool date huh?) She is in the 3rd grade and loves every minute of. They really have stepped up the academic end of things though. Keagyn has started 1st grade and has the kindest teacher ever. She is the perfect fit for Keagyn. She is learning to read and is getting to be very proficient at it. Auryana is very much a two year old, with all the fun, silliness and orneriness that comes with being two. She loves her one on one time at Grandma's. Destry is in school, finished his Associates and will be done with his Bachelor's in March of 2012, no don't get too excited, we still have the Master's to go for. But we are making progress. I am working at a local hospital and am really enjoying my job, which makes leaving home a lot easier. That's us in a nutshell, enjoy some of our pictures!


Alli said...

yeah! Its about time! Good to see you back!

Nicole said...

Good thing I saw you in the flesh recently or I wouldn't have known you were alive and well :) Super cute pictures...super fun times. Miss you all the way to CT and back :)

Nelson Nitwits said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Glad to see you're all still doing well!